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Affordable Landscape and Tree Service - Emergency Storm ServiceBy understanding the principals of tree maintenance and tree pruning, you improve the health of your trees and enjoy them for many years to come. There are a great deal of beneficial tree trimming advice and pruning methods, which can assist in maintaining your trees. With the proper information and tools, you can prune your trees when required, in order to increase not only their visual appeal and health, but also reduce the possibility of hazardous decaying branches and other common problems associated with not providing the proper tree maintenance.

By performing a simple online search you fill find that there are numerous websites that will offer tree maintenance advice, which can be very useful for you, but can also contain conflicting information. In this article, we will provide you with information that will help you to understand the importance of tree pruning and maintenance, as well as basic information that will guide you in performing the service yourself. However, tree pruning can be a hazardous endevour, and can be harmful to your tree if not done properly. If you feel if feel you do not possess the proper tools or knowledge to successfully perform the project, you should consider hiring a Connecticut tree maintenance professional.

Reasons for Tree Maintenance, Trimming, Pruning

Trees will typically require maintenance for the following reasons: appearance, safety or health. We explain each reason for you in detail below:

  • Appearance: Performing tree trimming is a beneficial method that will assist in maintaining the contours and visual appeal of your tree. Many property owners will take this a little too far and give there tree an shape that is not natural, which can work to deteriorate the stability of the tree structure causing problems.
  • Safety Purposes: Large tree branches that are decaying or are experiencing high winds can fall can be a major safety issue and cause serious damages to the structure of your home, or to people in the surrounding areas. They can also obstruct the view of areas of your driveway, preventing you from noticing oncoming traffic as you leave your driveway or parking area. Another safety issue to take into account is trees coming in contact with utilities wires, which can cause power outages.
  • Improve Health: Tree mainteance helps trees get rid themeslves of dying or diseased branches before they have a negative effect on the tree’s structure. Fungus, bacteria, and insects can also begin gathering on compromised parts of a tree, leading to an infestation if the diseased area isn’t removed.

Basic Tree Trimming Tips for Beginners

It is typically most beneficial to trim or prune a tree while it is in the dormant season. However, it is acceptable to provide pruning services on a tree during any season of the year if it is greatly required, such as an existing hazard. You should be aware of the size of the branch that you are trimming. If the branch is below 5-6 centimeters in diameter, it is acceptable to remove it. However if the branch is up to eight to ten five centimeters in diameter, you it is not recommended that it be removed. If the branch is over 12 centimeters in diameter, you really should only have it removed for stately or health issues. Branches are in the best position to be pruned when they are in their early stages of development.

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