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Stump Grinding, Stump Removal Services Milford, Stratford, CT

By hiring the Connecticut stump removal specialists at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service, you will ensure that your landscape will be enhanced by having that slightly stump safely and effectively removed. No matter the size or location of the stump, we have the experience and capabilities that will allow us to successfully perform the project. Tree stumps can potentially take many years to fully decompose, which allows an assortment of pests and diseases the ability to inhabit and essentially cause a great amount of damage to the stumps surroundings.

By hiring the Hamden based Affordable Landscape and Tree Service to effectively remove the stump from your property, you will also be protecting all other elements of your landscape from damaging disease and fungi from spreading to your plants, trees, and shrubs. Our CT stump removal services will work to prevent the following.

  • Bug and insect infestations
  • Rot
  • Disease
  • Fungi
  • Parasites

Milford, CT Stump Grinding Services

There are numerous factors that will offer benefits to hiring a professional to remove a rotting stump from your landscape. Beyond the fact that it is very unappealing and can cause extensive damages to your landscape through disease and pest infestation, it can also cause a hazard to people playing in your lawn. For example, if you have children running around your property, chances are that they will be distracted at some point and trip and fall over your stump. Additionally many Milford residents may find it difficult to navigate around a stump while mowing the lawn or setting up for a backyard party.

At Affordable Landscape and Tree Service, we place a great amount of pride in creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape for our clients. If you have a stump that requires removal, you can contact us today to schedule your no-cost estimate!