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Planning Your Spring Landscaping Project | Orange, Milford, West Haven, CT

lawn-care-643563_1280 (2)After a the long and unforgiving Connecticut winter finally starts to come to an end, and the warmer temperatures of the spring season slowly begin to arrive, there are some steps you should take to make sure that your lawn is in tip top shape when it comes time for you and your loved ones to start spending more time outdoors. Spring is considered by professionals to be the most essential time of year to put in the groundwork on your property in order to make sure it looks great for the rest of the year. We have below put together a list of crucial tasks to perform in early spring that will help your outdoor area stay happy and healthy so you can enjoy it.

The first task, which has to be done, is to remove all of the waste, which inevitably has accrued on your property during the winter. Connecticut is known for its harsh winters and there is likely to be some fallen branches and left over leaves among other things once the snow has melted away. Not only can this debris make mowing your lawn nearly impossible, it also blocks sunlight water and seeds from getting where they need to go.

While many landowners mistakenly believe that mulch is simply used for aesthetic purposes the reality is that it has several other highly advantageous components. Mulch helps your soil to maintain higher levels of moisture, which means less work for you because you have to water your lawn less often. It also protects your trees and other plants from hot summer temperatures. Mulch also prevents soil erosion during heavy rainstorms and keeps your plants from drowning.

It is strongly advised that you shaper or replace your lawn mower blade every couple of years. We also recommend mowing your grass high because it allows your grass to grow at a broader level and maintain a sturdier root structure. Keeping your grasses roots strong allows it to tolerate prolonged heat pests and other hazards of outdoor life.

Connecticut lawns have to tolerate a lot of damage during winter months and this often leads to thatch buildup. Doing basic maintenance tasks on your property provides many added benefits including but not limited to:

  • More access to water and air
  • Less thatch
  • Lawns can breath
  • Overall improved health

Much like in the house, spring-cleaning is essential on your land as well. Based in Hamden, CT and serving the New Haven and Fairfield County areas, Affordable Landscaping and Tree Service offers spring service maintenance to fully prepare your land for the upcoming warm weather.

Our specialist ensures that your property is neat tidy and healthy throughout the entire project so no worrying about your lawn being a mess while it’s worked on. We also have the know-how and expertise to handle any minor issues and nip them in the bud (no pun intended) before they become much bigger and more expensive problems. We ensure that every project is done right.

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