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Fall Landscaping Services – Yard Cleanup – Mulching | New Haven, CT

Benefits of Landscape Mulch | New Haven & Fairfield County, ConnecticutPerforming Fall property maintenance services for your Connecticut landscape is essential in preparing your lawn for the long and cold winter season and ensuring that it will be healthy and vibrant come spring time. There are many components that are key to successful fall landscaping, which include mulching, landscape cleanup, and mowing among other elements. The landscaping professionals at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service of Hamden, CT have complied a list of tips that will allow you to maintain a healthy landscape throughout the cold winter months.

  1. Spread mulch in appropriate areas of your landscape. Providing mulch for your landscape in the fall season is actually considered to be more essential to the overall health of your tree, plants, and shrubs than spreading mulch during any other season. It assists in providing protection to the roots of your landscape and works to preserve moisture below the surface. It is recommended that you spread approximately three inches of high quality mulch around the perimeter of your trees, plants, and shrubs during the fall season.
  2. Removal any leaves, fallen tree limbs or any debris, which may have accumulated on your landscape. By performing fall cleanup services, we do not mean that you should begin pruning to the plants and trees of your landscape. Pruning will promote new growth, when your plants should be remaining in a state of dormancy. However, it is important to remove any debris, which may have accumulated such as leaves and tree limbs, so that your grass will have access to essential nutrients that is created by the sunlight.
  3. Provide protective wrapping to any fragile plants or shrubs on your landscape. Winter forecasters are predicting a very cold winter season with high levels of snow and ice accumulation. If you have invested a great amount of money in improving the curb appeal of your property with shrubs and plants, then you will want to offer protection for your investment. In order to safe-guard your landscaping from the harsh winter climate, you can place plastic buckets over your shrubs or use burlap material to wrap up your shrubs.

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