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Residential Firewood and Commercial Firewood Services | New Haven and Fairfield County, CT

Residential Firewood Services

The initial crisp and cool days of Fall will make some Connecticut residents begin to think about the upcoming football season, while others it may alert them to the hectic fast approaching holiday season. The Fall is also a time to begin thinking about acquiring the necessary amount of wood for your fireplace. A large stockpile of wood will ensure that your family and guests will experience a sense of warmth and security through the frigid Connecticut winter months. A consistent fire through the winter will help you save money on heating bills and guarantee that your family will stay warm in the event of a storm cutting off the power to your home.
Residential Firewood and Commercial Firewood Services
Our general firewood package contains a mix of fresh cut wood from local trees. We provide the warmest possible fiery wood possible and we can also supply orders for specific types of wood if so desired. Our firewood is cut by cord or half cord, and are usually approximately 18″ in length, through smaller or longer lengths are available by request. You can pick up your firewood, or we have the capabilities to deliver it to you. Our truck will dump the wood in any safe accessible location that you desire. We provide firewood service to the Fairfield County, New Haven County area of Connecticut and beyond!

We understand that the measurements of fireplaces can fluctuate, so we have the ability to accommodate any special requests, if you would like your firewood to be a certain length. You can contact us for pricing and any specific conditions you may have and we will do our greatest to suite your needs.

Commercial Firewood Services

Many restaurants throughout the New Haven, Connecticut area and beyond have used Affordable Landscape and Tree Service’s firewood for maintaining heat for their ovens and stoves. Whether you are burning wood for your commercial business or restaurant in a fireplace, furnace, or oven, it is very important to utilize high quality firewood to maintain efficiency and a safe environment for your business, which is why we provide dry and seasoned wood at the appropriate dimensions.

We are a full service firewood retailer and can offer your retail store or business the same seasoned firewood in bundles – packaged and ready for sale at your business. If you are in need for commercial firewood, Affordable Landscape and Tree Service is the top choice in Connecticut for professional service with the highest quality firewood at an affordable price.

We have a well trained staff that has a reputation in the New Haven County area as being very reliable and prompt concerning our firewood delivery. Affordable Landscape and Tree offers flexibility when ordering just the right amount of firewood for the entire winter season or for your next upcoming event.

Once the weather begins to turn cold and the winter season is fast approaching, we get to work with our chainsaws to build a stockpile of top quality wood that will allow your business to operate efficiently and your family to stay warm throughout the winter season. Contact us today for pricing and more information.


Snow and Ice Removal Services | New Haven and Fairfield County, CT

Snow Removal Services - Hamden, CT - Affordable Landscape and Tree Services, LLC.As a resident of Connecticut, the experience of recent years of frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall are fresh in your mind. The relentless snow storms and ice accumulation have brought on unsafe and often unbearable conditions. To make life much more comfortable and convenient for yourself this winter, you should consider contacting the residential and commercial snow removal experts at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service. We have been providing snow clearing and ice removal services for commercial properties and homeowners for over 20 years. We have the experience and equipment to remove snow and ice from any size driveway, walkway, or parking lot as well as apply sand and salt to ensure that your property is safe.

Connecticut parking lot, driveway, sidewalk snow and ice removal

Many towns and cities throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties have laws and regulations that specify the rules and regulations involved in clearing the snow sidewalk area in from of your property in a timely manner. As a Connecticut business owner, you understand that a large snow or ice storm can make a substantial impact on your bottom line. It is crucial to have all snow and ice properly removed from your parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks and in a prompt manner so that your customer will have safe access to your business. Whether your commercial business involves a retail store, restaurant, office building, car dealership or any other possible business, the snow removal experts at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service provide 24-hour snow removal emergency service and will be ready to take action immediately so that you do not lose any potential customers due to snow and ice storms.

A gleaming Connecticut snowstorm can often be a delightful site, and it can be easy to overlook the fact that it can be very dangerous as well. It can be just as hazardous to walk through the snow and ice conditions than it can be to drive in. A common accident will happen when a driver or pedestrian is unable to notice a layer of ice that may be present, until it is too late and they are already enfolded in the calamity. As the property owner or manager of a building, it is very possible that you will be responsible for any injuries that can potentially occur due to an uncleared walkway or parking lot. You can take preventative measures to safeguard your employees and customers by hiring the professional snow and ice removal specialists at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service.

Connecticut rooftop snow and ice removal

The majority of home and business owners will fully understand the dangers of allowing snow and ice to accumulate in their driveways and parking lots, but a commonly over-looked place where snow can build up and cause a tremendous amount of danger is on the roof of your home or commercial building. When snow is not immediately removed from your roof, it can often damage the integrity of your roof’s foundation and surface, which can eventually lead to many hazards. Some of which include:

  • The blocking of external vents and chimney
  • Damage to the shingles of your roof, which will can effect your insulation
  • Create leaks in your roof, which will damage interior drywall
  • Roof collaps due to excess weight

It is highly recommended that you avoid snow build up on your roof in an immediately and professional manner. Climbing up on your roof and attempting to remove the snow yourself can be extremely dangerous if you do not have the proper equipment and experience to complete the job in a safe demeanor. The Connecticut rooftop snow and ice removal technicians understand the techniques involved in clearing your roof in a safer manner and proper manner as to not compromise the integrity of your roof. We follow all Connecticut safety regulations and have all the proper tools to get the job done correctly. If you hire Affordable Landscape and Tree Service to clear snow and ice from the rooftop of your commercial facility or home, you can rest assured that the you will avoid all the hazards of having snow accumulation on your rooftop.

To received the greatest value on snow and ice removal for your Connecticut home or commercial property, Affordable Landscape and Tree removal offers seasonal property maintenance programs. If you would like to hire us in advance to prepare yourself for the entire Winter season, you can contact us at anytime at 203-287-8894, so that we can discuss the various packages available. Removing snow is a necessity for the harsh winters of Fairfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut and its surroundings. Getting around during the snow and ice season is hazardous endevour, but the professional snow removal services provided by Affordable Landscape and Tree will help take away some of the imminent danger. Contact us today for a free consultation!