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New Haven Area Landscape Drainage Solutions | Hamden, CT

Drainage Solutions - Affordable Landscape and Tree Services - Hamden, CTAffordable Landscape and Tree Services can install custom designed landscape drainage solutions for your Connecticut property. In the New Haven and Fairfield County areas, we are often susceptible to torrential downpours, which can easily overwhelm your property’s drainage system. Water damage can create an enormous amount of damage to your property and it is something that should be taken very seriously. An over-abundance of water in your landscape can lead to many different types of disease in your plants and trees and completely wipe out sensitive plants.

Afforable Landscape and Tree Services of Hamden, CT offers drainage solutions for your property and specializes in the installation of trench drains and surface drains. We can deal with drainage problems such as low lying locations in your yard, inadequate drainage around your gutters, and areas around your house which can cause costly basement flooding and structural damage.

Our comprehensive drainage solutions can assist you in avoiding potential costly damage to your home and property such as mold, foundation damage, sleek or unsafe areas that can lead to lawsuits, and other problems that occur from seepage and infiltration of water. Appropriate drainage in your landscape can be just as crucial as appropriate irrigation. Besides damaging your lawn, plant, and trees, the excess amount of water that can occur can weaken the integrity of your patios, stone walls, and driveways.

The drainage installation experts at Affordable Landscape and Tree can come to your residential home or commercial property to identify any existing or potential drainage problems you may have. Excess water in the landscape can lead to some common issues. Improper drainage behind retaining walls can weaken the integrity of the wall and lead to catastrophic failure. Consider contacting us for a free consultation and evaluate any drainage issues that your home may possess. A proper drainage system not only will make your property be more enjoyable, but it will be protected through the rain and storm season.

Poor drainage conditions can leave your home vulnerable to a number of serious health, safety and financial concerns including the following:

  • Loss of foundation stability and structural foundation damage.
  • Mildew and mold in crawlspaces and basements
  • Discoloration and damaging of concrete, stone and exterior bricks
  • Insect infestation, termites, and allergens
  • Soil Compaction
  • Cracking of concrete sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, fences and foundations

If you are experiencing drainage problems on your property, you would like to take preventative measures which will save you money and additional stress in the future, you can contact the drainage specialists at Affordable Landscape and Tree Services for a free consultation. You can rest assured that water and drainage issues will be addressed before problems can become too big to handle. After your consultation we can design and install a complete drainage system to handle all of the water in your landscape.

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Connecticut Winter Plants for your Winter Landscape | Hamden, CT

Winter Plants - Affordable Landscape and Tree Services - Hamden, CTThe cold Connecticut winter season can make it very difficult for many types of plants maintain the proper nourishment and conditions to survive. As a property owner, you understand all of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a beautiful landscape design and how discouraging it can be to watch it wither away during the Fall season and eventually die in the Winter.

The Hamden, Connecticut landscape design and maintenance professionals at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service want to assure you that the Winter season can potentially reveal a completely new landscape for your property, with new types of plants which produce colors, textures and shapes that cannot otherwise be achieved during the warmer times of the year. There are many plants available that can create beauty for your property and without all the hours of landscape maintenance that many warmer climate plants entail.

We have selected a few of our personal favorite winter plants that will add more green, interesting shapes, and will even blossom outside your window in the heart of winter. These plants will make terrific additions to your winter garden plans.

  1. Planting a holly shrub is a great and convenient method of sprucing up a dreary winter landscape. The majority of hollies are deciduous, which means they will not lose its leaves over the winter, giving you much needed color to your landscape during the dull Connecticut Winter.
  2. Plume grass is a beautiful feature to add to your landscape during the winter months. Plum Grass produces a feathery arrangement from early fall into late October, which can potentially continue to flourish well into the cold winter months. Plum Grass can also be removed from your outdoor landscape and be harvested for indoor arrangements. Plume grass when it is bunch together in a decorative fashion, can may spread to 5 feet. You must take into account that it possesses weak stems, which are particularly vulnerable during the cold winter months when high winds may occur, so it may be in your best interest to plant it in a wind protected location.
  3. Babyberry shrubs are very popular for winter landscape design because they are very adaptable and require extremely low maintenance during the witner months. Barberry shrubs make great additions to the landscape and are known for their rich color and year-round garden interest. If you live in a heavily populated area, they are known for thriving in urban conditions and can even be grown inside a container of some sort.
  4. Birch trees make will make a wonderful addition to your landscape. Birch trees can grow to be over 90 feet tall or more and possess beautiful fall leaves that turns bright shades of orange and yellow. Another popular feature of birch trees is the bark that begins to peel off the tree as the cold weather sets in. Depending on the type of birch tree, the bark can peel off in a very thin fashion and in the majority of time it appears as a white color.
  5. The Winterberry holly is a deciduous type of holly, which will typically shed its leaves in during the early days of November, leaving behind an array of bright red berries. Most species of holly are either male or female, so you’ll have to pair them up to get berries. The best time to plant winterberry hollies is in the Spring time or early Fall seasons.
    1. Affordable Landscape and Tree Service of Hamden, Connecticut can assist you in bringing your creative winter landscape ideas to life. We have a highly trained and experienced team of landscape gardening professionals that will help you realize that the beauty of your landscape can exists and flourish during the winter months. Our Landscape designers can offer a number of terrific ideas to help you make your Connecticut property just as attractive in the winter as in the warmer seasons.

      Affordable Landscaping & Tree Service LLC. offers landscape design & maintenance, tree removal, stump grinding, lawn installations, landscape masonry, and much more to the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Hamden, New Haven, West Haven, Woodbridge, Guilford, Orange, Milford, Fairfield, Stamford, Westport, New Canaan. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!