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Emergency Storm Service – Tree Removal | Hamden, CT

Affordable Landscape and Tree Services provide 24-Hour emergency storm service for our clients in New Haven and Fairfield County, Connecticut. The majority of damage caused to properties are a result of falling trees branches from high winds. Torrential downpours can saturate the soil of your property and cause tree roots to become weak. Falling trees and limbs can take down power lines and cause lengthy power outages and potentially cause personal harm. During the winter season, snow and ice buildup on rooftops can cause extensive property damage.With over 20 years of experience of emergency storm service in the greater New Haven area, Affordable Landscape and Tree Service has the knowledge and tools to handle any time of storm damage and tree removal.

Affordable Landscape and Tree Service - Emergency Storm ServiceAs a Connecticut homeowner, you should be aware of the location of trees on your property and their proximity to your home or utilities lines. We can help you take preventative measures by pruning your applying cables to your trees to help reduce potential damage. The New Haven area has been engulfed annually with heavy storms that has caused extreme damage to many homes and properties. As a homeowner in Connecticut, is important to take notice of trees that are decaying on your property because they are more liable to fall during a storm. You can turn to the professional tree removal experts at Affordable Landscape and Tree Services for prompt expert help. You can rest assured that our professional crews are well trained to work in these hazardous situations and are available for emergencies.

The majority of tree care companies in Connecticut that advertise being available 24 hours a day may not have the experience and knowledge to handle the aftermath of a storm. Selecting the proper tree care company to remove storm damaged trees is a matter that should require a lot of consideration. Our team will arrive at your property, survey the damage and give you a free estimate and consultation.

Find out why Affordable Landscape and Tree Service is considered to be the top tree service professionals in the New Haven area and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one, and our team will stop at nothing to ensure that you come away more than satisfied. If you’re interested in our emergency storm services, contact us today for a free consultation.


Fall Yard Cleanup Services – Leaf Removal – | Hamden, CT

Fall Cleanup Services - Affordable Landscape and Tree Service LLC - Hamden, CTThe Fall season in Connecticut is widely considered to be the most beautiful time of the year. It can also be one of the most strenuous times of the year in regards to property maintenance and cleanup. When it is time to start thinking about removing all of the leaves and broken branches from your yard, you can turn to Affordable Landscape and Tree Services of Hamden, CT to get the job done efficiently, so you can sit back and enjoy the autumn season. We utilize top of the line equipment and experienced professional landscapers to provide you with complete yard clean up services.

By hiring Affordable Landscape and Tree Services to remove the dead leaves and debris that have accumulated in your yard, you will be able to better enjoy your property during the winter months. Also, removing the dead leaves, your yard, patios, and walkways will require less future cleanings by preventing the decaying leaves to leave dirt and stains on your hardscapes.

Some of our fall season property clean-up services include picking up of leaves, brush, and other debris that is covering your yard. However, our clean up services do not just encompass removing dead leaves and debris. There is much that can be done to prepare your Connecticut lawn for the long Winter season to have it looking vibrant in the Spring time.

We have compiled a list of our Fall Cleanup Services below:

  • Remove fallen tree limbs, leaves and other natural debris from yard, patios, and walkways.
  • Refurbish perennial beds. Remove dead annuals and compost them.
  • Prune broken or dead branches from decorative trees and bushes
  • Turn off water hoses, drain hoses, service irrigation systems, and store garden furniture.
  • Add any lawn treatments such as seed or fertilizer
  • Mow your lawn one last time before Winter season
  • All collected debris is removed from your property

Seasonal landscaping maintenance makes a world of difference in the health and appearance of your Connecticut lawn and landscape. You can hire the professionals at Affordable Landscape and Tree Services, to handle all of your Fall Cleanup duties. Allow us to utilize our knowledge and vast landscaping experience to make your lawn and landscape a healthier, more pleasant part of your life. You can contact us today at 203-287-8894 to request a free, no obligation estimate for Fall Cleanup Services, or for any of our property and landscape services.