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A checklist for maintaining healthy trees and shrubs though the summertime | Hamden, CT

Tree and Shrub Installation - Hamden, CTShrub and Tree installations are investments that enhance your Connecticut property, and create a positive first impression of beauty, and curb appeal. Healthy trees increase in value with age, purifying our air, and saving energy by providing shade and protection from strong winds. On the other hand, poorly-maintained trees can be a significant hazard and liability.

Please review the following checklist to ensure that your trees and shrubs will be healthy through the summer seasons.

  1. Inspect trees and shrubs: Before leaves appear, inspect tree trunks and branches, looking for signs of disease or damage. You can contact Affordable Landscape and Tree to learn about inspecting trees and what to look for when identifying potential health hazards for your trees.
  2. Prune dead branches: The ideal time to prune most trees is during the winter time. Remove any dead, damaged or broken branches that appear on the tree.
  3. Mulch your landscape: A layer of mulch helps soil retain moisture and suppresses weeds. It’s most crucial when caring for younger trees, ones that have been in the ground up to 10 years.
  4. Combat Pests & Diseases: You can contact a licensed arborist to learn which pests and diseases pose the most serious threat to your trees – and how to best treat them. New problems develop yearly, and older foes are often defeated.

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Reasons why you should have that dead tree removed from your property | Hamden, CT

Tree Removal - Hamden, CTWhen a tree develops problems and begins to erode, it can be a difficult decision as to when to remove the tree. Trees can provide many benefits to your Hamden, Connecticut home. If you would like to keep the tree as long as possible, trees can frequently be maintained for many years by cutting out all dead or diseased portions and watering deeply when needed. Eventually, all trees become too old and/or unsafe to be kept on your property. In these cases, it’s much better to hire a professional tree removal service to have a tree removed than to further risk damaging your home or endangering your family.

Removing a dead or dying tree is advisable as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, the more decay has set in, and the more dangerous the tree is for a tree professional to work in AND for you to have standing on your property. If you see a tree on your property begin to wither, you should contact a certified Connecticut arborist immediately so that they can let you know what steps should be taken next.

We have listed some obvious reasons to remove a tree below:

  • Dead trees attract pests.
  • Dead trees are not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dead trees drop seeds, sap, branches, and block views and light which inhibit the lawn you want to grow.
  • Tree diseases are contagious.
  • Dead trees begin to decompose. If you don’t hire someone to remove it, these weakened branches may fall on a windy day or during a storm.
  • Roots pose a serious threat to foundations, driveways, sidewalk and underground utilities

If you notice that a tree might be potentially dying on your property, you should not hesitate to call Affordable Landscape and Tree Service of Hamden, CT to assess it. The sooner we catch the problem, the less costly tree removal project will potentially be. Remember, a dying branch can fall at any moment, not just during a storm. Don’t leave something like this to chance.