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What to consider when hiring a Connecticut landscape company

You have decided to hire a landscaping company to transform your Connecticut yard into your dream property; where do you start? If you are not careful, you could hire the wrong landscaper, and it can wind up costing you time and money. The best place to begin is by defining your needs. Get an idea of what you might want. Look through magazines and websites and collect pictures of what you like. No two landscaping businesses are exactly the same. Some landscapers may only offer basic lawn care services. Others may specialize in creating beautiful stone features, creating ponds, installing fountains, and arranging custom flower presentations.

It’s important to do your research before making this important decision. There are 3 things to consider as you begin the search for a company that can bring your vision to reality.

  1. Check references and read reviews – It is important to always ask your potential landscaping company for references. An established landscaping company will typically have online reviews or a website where you can find testimonials that customers have written about their and the quality of work they provided for their clients.
  2. Review the company’s portfolio – Ask for an online portfolio from the company, or check their website for examples of work they have done. A professional landscape contractor can show you photographs of the projects that have completed and of properties they maintain. This is a great start to see if you like their work.
  3. Get an estimate – Estimates should be provided in written format and should be detailed as to what is and what is not included. If it is more than you can afford, see where you can trim things down. Or better yet, don’t comprise what you really want, break the project into stages and complete it one section at a time

Landscaping can do wonders to improve your home from an aesthetic viewpoint by introducing colorful shrubs and beautiful trees and plants. It can also add interest and useful outdoor living space through the addition of decks, patios, walkways, and pools. Additionally, hiring a landscape maintenance firm to take care of your new or existing landscape can protect your investment.

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Professional Connecticut Stump Removal Services

Stump Removal Hamden, CTYou may be asking yourself, why do I need to remove a stump? Or perhaps you’re even considering leaving it in your yard to decompose naturally. There are several reasons to remove tree stumps as quickly as possible after a tree is cut down. Their roots cause uneven sidewalks and cause the concrete to rise and people to trip. The roots increase in diameter over time. Paved surfaces, such as roads, driveways, and pavements can become hazardous over time.

When removing tree stumps on your Connecticut property, you have to make sure that even the roots are removed because even they are a safety hazard and, actually, are more hazardous than the stump itself. Removing tree stumps is not as easy as chopping wood.

Decomposing roots can have a negative impact on new trees or bushes planted in the area after a tree is removed. In particular, if a tree was diseased prior to removal, it is important to remove as much of the tree’s organic material as possible from the soil prior to planting any new trees or shrubs in the same area.

Stump grinding is the most efficient and effective method of removing tree stumps from your property. Unless you happen to have a stump grinder in your garage, you will need to rent one. It is best to hire a licensed, bonded and experienced stump removal specialist to remove your stumps, ensuring that quality work is performed in a safe manner. A professional stump removal company that specializes in tree trimming and removing stumps can take stumps out without damaging structures in the area or harming the surrounding landscape.

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